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If you are living on a strict budget from month-to-month it can often seem like there is no way that you can keep up with the price rises that seem to happen every year with rail fares. For many of us, the train is the way that we commute to work each day, and in these cases there are options available in the form of weekly and monthly passes that offer a discounted price (but even these are quite high and continue to rise each year). If you plan to use rail travel as your mode of transport for a holiday or a short break in the coming months, how can you make it as cost effective as possible?

For many people in modern Britain, there are tough economic times to face up to. Although there is assistance in certain aspects of life to help you get by – for example there has been an increase in the number of reputable and responsible short-term loan lenders that can help you out of a short-term problem as long as you have the means with which to pay back the loan and interest come next payday – but in many cases the only answer is to look for new ways to stretch your budget, and to get more bang for your buck.

Rail fares have increased again in January 2019, but the service has not improved alongside it. If you do wish to use rail travel this year for leisure purposes, alongside your commute, how can you save money and make train travel worth it?

Shopping smart is key, much as it is with any other type of purchase when living on a budget. If you know that you are going away, plan well in advance to be sure you are gaining access to a good price of ticket. Paying for a train ticket on the day you travel is very expensive, so you should avoid this whenever possible. Most train tickets will go on sale 12-weeks prior to the date of the journey, and it is between 10 and 12 weeks before the date you are looking to travel on that the cheapest tickets are usually available.

To help you maximise the chances of finding the cheapest rail fares, you can sign up to receive email and text alerts from train ticket websites such as the Trainline and National Rail Enquiries. Tickets will begin to rise in price after this initial period, but there is a chance that they will steady at an acceptable price at some point for a short period of time. With email alerts and price predictor tools on these websites you can find out the optimal time to purchase tickets for your expected journey.

The other option is to utilise the split rail tickets website where you can split a journey into several tickets at a cheaper price than one single ticket, without having to leave the train or make a connection. Rail travel is so expensive at times that a tool such as this is invaluable should you be requiring travel by train this year.