The school holidays are coming up soon and you would like to organise some exciting trips for the kids. If they have never been whale watching, now is the perfect time to bring them out to sea. Because of the restrictions on travel around the world, there are not many tourists in Australia, so there is plenty of discounts to take advantage of. When bringing your kids whale watching, remember these safety measures.


The first thing to think about is seasickness. If your kids have never been out on a boat or they are not used to the sea, there is a good chance they could get sick. So, how do you prepare for it? If they suffer from motion sickness when you travel in the car, it is best to visit a pharmacy and ask for medication. Before you go whale watching in Eden, make sure your kids eat at least 2 hours before departure. You do not want them on a boat with a full stomach.

Bringing a Baby

If you plan on bringing your baby along, it is best to forget about the buggy and bring a baby carrier instead. When you place them safely in the baby carrier, it frees up your hands, so you can roam around the boat and enjoy the day. It also allows to grip the railings with ease and support yourself and your child.

Life Jacket

If you have booked a whale watching trip with an operator, make sure they provide kid-sized life jackets for the journey. You should think twice about going on a trip with an operator who does not have life jackets on the vessel. An adult jacket is not appropriate for a child as they can easily fall out of them.


You should not depend on the crew to look after your children during the trip. They are there to provide a whale watching experience, not a babysitting one. Never let young children wander around on their own as accidents can happen as staff are sometimes occupied with their tasks. Teach them about the dangers and keep them close by.

Most whale watching operators provide excellent facilities when it comes to their tours. They have custom-designed vessels that are built to keep passengers save and secure while out at sea and when docked. To ensure your child fully enjoys the experience, take whatever safety precautions you think are necessary.