If you are planning a vacation in Colorado, you should definitely have Ouray on your list. This is a small county in the lap of nature, often called the ‘Switzerland of America”. For those who are a fan of small-town adventures, or want to explore the state beyond Denver, Ouray is quite a nice, offbeat pick. The best thing about Ouray is the location. It’s in the lap of Rocky Mountains, into the San Juan range, so nature lover and adventure enthusiasts have a lot to explore. You just need to pack your bags and get going, and you will find many options to stay, with homely hotel options too.

In this post, we are sharing some of the best things about Ouray.

  • The view. As we mentioned, Ouray is located in the mountains, and no matter which hotel you book, or which area you choose to explore, you would be surprised by the beauty of nature. Ouray is fun in every season, but in spring and summers, expect to see the best colors of flora, while autumns are even more beautiful, with an array of shades on display in nature.
  • There are numerous events that happen in Ouray all through the year, and if even you don’t know much about the local people or culture, you will enjoy the experience. In summer months, music festivals and concerns are quite happening, and in winters, there’s a unique ice festival.
  • If you are an adventure enthusiast who doesn’t want to be holed up in the hotel room, Ouray has some encouraging range of activities to offer. Skiing, sledding, and hiking are some of the common activities, and not to forget, there are hot springs, where you can relax and unwind after a long activity-filled day.

  • Awesome food. Foodies will find no dearth of dining options in Ouray, even though this is not a huge place. O’Brien’s Pub is a good place to try, and you can check Bon Ton Restaurant for some classic Italian fare. There are also numerous small ambient cafés that offer the ultimate cozy experience. Don’t forget to try the local brews. You will love some of the breweries in Bon Ton Restaurant.

The mining towns of the county, railroads and other interests should be your list, and if you are still confused on what you should do, just reach your hotel and ask the staff for guidance. They can help you plan your stay.